When the world is changing faster than ever, it’s comforting that some things endure the passage of time. It is over two centuries since a young Daniel Thwaites set out from the family farm in the Lake District to start an adventure that continues today.

Daniel built up his brewery with an eye for quality and a generous blend of innovation, craftsmanship and genuine hospitality. These founding principles have served the family well and six generations later, whilst we still strive for brewing perfection, we’re also delighted to be extending our legendary hospitality in a growing collection of pubs, inns, hotels and spas.

Today, our Company remains steadfastly faithful to Daniel’s principles. Independent and full of character, we proudly continue the journey he started, constantly looking for improvement, always seeking to give you an experience that’s second to none.

You can discover more about our outstanding properties, all offering the same superb hospitality, at thwaites.co.uk


Welcome to Thwaites.