• We will comply with all the environmental regulations, laws and codes of practice applicable to our business.
  • We are committed to preventing pollution and minimizing our environmental impacts caused through our operations.
  • We will monitor our utility use, and use this data to plan improvement projects, thereby reducing our electricity, gas and water usage.
  • We will ensure all members of staff are aware of our policy and encompass it in their day to day tasks along with promoting our aims to our guests.
  • We will, where possible purchase local, seasonal food and use Fair Trade and non GM goods, minimize waste and reuse and recycle where possible.
  • We will work with our suppliers to ensure they recognise and reduce the environmental impact of their products and transportation.
  • We will ensure all our equipment is maintained to ensure efficient utility use and prevent pollution.

This environmental policy will be reviewed annually and, if necessary, revised to reflect the latest developments. We will conduct an annual self evaluation of our performance to ensure we are making improvements and complying with all applicable laws and regulations.


  • Open fires are used during cold or winter periods and wood from our grounds is used for fuel, reducing transportation of ready cut logs.
  • All glass and over 60% of cardboard is recycled.


  • We use low-energy bulbs where possible.
  • We change bed linen after the third night unless requested.
  • All our tea trays are stocked with Fair Trade certified products where possible.
  • Kettles are of 1 litre capacity are due to be introduced to save energy boiling water that is not required.


  • To reduce detergent and water usage, we only change towels when requested.
  • Our toilet rolls are certified100% British recycled.
  • We provide eco-pump bottles of bathroom toiletries to minimize wastage, and save on plastic produced.
  • Where possible new dual flush toilets have been fitted to save water when flushing.


  • We have an online and telephone booking system which enables us to send all correspondence via email, reducing paper and postage miles.
  • All used paper is either re-cycled or shredded for lighting our open fires.
  • Wood on our open fires is from trees felled in our gardens and grounds.
  • We have a secure room available for the storage of guests’ bicycles, we work closely with Mountain Goat Tours, which encourages guests to leave the car behind.

Food & Beverage:

  • We use only British meats
  • Our fresh fish products are from sustainable resources
  • We use locally sourced products wherever possible.
  • Our vegetables are sourced locally and we use seasonal produce where possible.
  • Our bread is baked in house.
  • Our food waste is used by our kitchen to make stocks and jus and the waste is then used on our compost heap to help to keep our gardens in great condition.
  • We have a herb garden, vegetable plot and two greenhouses to supply some of the kitchens requirements.
  • All of our vegetable oil is GM free and the waste is collected and turned into bio-fuel.
  • To the best of our knowledge, all of our products are GM free products.

Our Gardens and grounds:

  • A compost heap has been introduced in the grounds of the hotel, so all vegetable peelings and some kitchen waste are placed there.
  • Bird boxes are being introduced into the gardens, to encourage birds and squirrels


  • We also work with South Lakeland Carers; a registered charity assisting carers of all ages, by giving them the use of a bedroom every two weeks for relaxation therapies. This service has proved popular with 5-6 people per day feeling the benefit. We also provide a function room free of charge once a fortnight for their regional meetings.
  • We have also been working in co-operation with local schools and have recently had 3 autistic boys helping our gardeners one day a week. One boy has been learning all aspects of gardening and is constantly improving, so much that he has requested more hours in the garden to learn.