Our Exquisite Gardens: A Historic Oasis by the Lake

Reviving Mawson’s Legacy: Collaborating with Renowned Designer Annie Guilfoyle

Our gardens extend to 4 ½ acres and slope to the lake, a feature which helpfully naturally blankets noise from outside the hotel grounds, making them a quiet and serene place to be.

They were planned and laid out in the 1890’s by Thomas Henry Mawson, a landscape gardener of international distinction who was also responsible for the Palace of Peace Gardens in the Hague.

We are incredibly excited to build on those original designs and are working with the internationally recognised garden designer and lecturer Annie Guilfoyle to help us to embark on a multi season project to reimagine Mawson’s masterpiece.

Find out more about the history, and what’s going on today below.

We also offer garden tours for hotel guests.

Old white and black pic of hotel Langdale chase

Steeped in time, flourishing in beauty, where each detail tells a story.

Hotel Langdale chase Visitors giving beautiful pose

Design which draws on Langdale Chase's enthralling history.

A journey through progression and development of the garden.

Three Women gossiping outside Hotel

Where nature unfolds its picturesque tapestry.