Welcome to the World of Exquisite Pastries at Langdale Chase

Camilla chef at Langdale chase

A Sweet Journey: From Brazil to Langdale Chase’s Pastry Paradise

As soon as you arrive at Langdale Chase, there’s one person you’ll want to meet, our pasty chef who’s delicious treats welcome you into your room. Let us introduce Camila, whose journey to mastery in the world of patisserie is as enchanting as the creations she brings to life.

Born in the vibrant country of Brazil, Camila’s lifelong love affair with sweets began in her grandmother’s kitchen, where fragrant aromas and delectable tastes melded to form the foundation of her culinary dreams. Her sweet tooth was, in her own words, “a gift from god.”

The pursuit of perfection led Camila to the cobblestone streets of Belgium, a country known for its mastery of chocolate. Here, she refined her skills, learning the art of crafting heavenly chocolates from the finest cocoa beans, a discipline that set her on the path to culinary greatness.

Camila’s next adventure took her across the Atlantic to the United States, where the bustling kitchens became her workshop. She delved into the world of pastry creation, mastering the traditional sweet flavours that have delighted taste buds for centuries. But what set Camila apart was her audacious mix of savoury elements that, when combined with the sweetness, elevated her pastries to an entirely new level.

Ireland became the next stop in Camila’s global journey, where she discovered her affinity for the lush landscapes and the heartwarming hospitality of the Irish people. Her confections began to reflect the rich traditions of Irish baking, with her unique twist leaving patrons in awe.

The next destination on Camila’s worldwide culinary tour was England, whereby fate intervened. A chance encounter led her to meet Langdale Chase Executive Chef Michael Cole, who was astounded by her unconventional approach and her unrelenting passion for pushing the boundaries of flavour.

The stars aligned, and Camila found herself at Langdale Chase Hotel, drawn to the prospect of crafting something extraordinary, and from the ground up.

In her latest sweet masterpiece, Camila adds a splash of fun along with some striking colours to the Dining Room at Langdale Chase. Her take on classics like Banoffee and Key Lime Pie are not only something to savour, but something to see! 

Camila’s journey, fuelled by her unyielding love for all things sweet and a tireless dedication to innovation, has found its perfect destination at Langdale Chase Hotel. Her creations are not just pastries; they are symphonies of flavour, we’ll let you be the judge of that…

“Normal gets you nowhere”
– Camila Ramaciotti