Swallows and Amazons Afternoon Tea: The Cumbrian Makers

Our afternoon tea is inspired by the beautiful landscape that surrounds us. An inspiration for writers, poets and artists, which to this day inspires local crafts people. When setting out to create our fabulous afternoon tea, we wanted to showcase how the landscape continues to inspire. From local hand thrown potters to woodwork craftsmen, there’s more to our afternoon tea than you realise…

Fiona May Ceramics

Made by hand 20 miles away

After time away Fiona felt the pull of Cumbria and returned to her childhood home. Using a small kiln in her garage, where her pottery dries alongside kayaks and mountain bikes, she realises her admiration for the landscape through her hand thrown pieces. Her whimsical hand made technique showcased in our exclusive afternoon tea crockery. You’ll notice the nod to Swallows and Amazons in her brush strokes, along with the textures she manipulates out of the clay to signify the ripples in the water that shimmers right in front of you. Each piece unique, yours to cherish whilst your savour the flavours.

“I love how I’ve been able to capture how I feel about the lakes in my work.”


Made by hand 24 miles away

To give your senses the feeling of being aboard a wooden boat off to battle we have worked with the craftsmen at Croglin to create a board subtle in detail to allow your imagination to plot a path. Crumbs become islands and jam sets the direction. Discovered in the Eden Valley, their fascination of wood aligns with our dedication to flavour.

Miles Moore

Made by hand 32 miles away

Adding depth to the table is the craft of Martin Miles-Moore. Working with clay for over a decade, Martin is not only inspired by the lakes, but he also uses the Earth beneath us in his pieces. Discarded materials and minerals from Lakeland quarries are introduced to the clay, providing a unique finish and a clear connection to the landscape.

Lauren Frost

Made by hand 23 miles away

Adding the finishing touches to the table, Lauren Frost brings the layers of the Lakeland landscape to life in her pieces. Notice the lines of earth, water and sky acting as islands of jam and cream in the scene stretching out in front of you.

‘Swallows & Amazons’ is a trademark of the Arthur Ransome Literary Estate, used here by permission.