These ceremonies are intended for adult couples of any gender who wish to celebrate their commitment to each other without undergoing a marriage, couples who cannot marry for legal reasons or those who simply do not wish to marry: These ceremonies have no legal status.

A trained celebrant will conduct your ceremony and the ceremony will be written according to the choices you make. The ceremony is conducted by a person who is also a registrar, please note that this person is not acting in a statuary capacity as a registrar when conducting your ceremony.

The purpose of the ceremony is to make a public declaration of a life long commitment to each other and should be entered into with serious intent.

Hints to get the best out of the ceremony

Music. Poetry and readings will enhance your ceremony, do take time to select the pieces that have real meaning for you both.
Similarly, consider carefully the items you may want to give to each other during the ceremony and make sure they are small enough to be practical, alternatively state at this part of the ceremony the gift you are giving.
Consider if you want photography or a video of the ceremony and talk to the Celebrant beforehand about this.
What these ceremonies are not

The ceremony has no legal status, you choose whether or not to organise one. They must not be confused with any form of legal marriage and they are not legally binding on those who participate.