What happens at a Civil Naming Ceremony?

Just like a wedding, you need to decide how you would like the ceremony to begin. Would you like it to be an informal occasion, at the beginning of which you mingle with your guests and then invite them to be seated when the ceremony is due to begin. Maybe you would prefer a more formal entrance, with the guests already seated, ready to stand to greet you, together with the child or children to be named.

The celebrant will begin by welcoming the guests on your behalf. Then parents will be able to dedicate themselves to the upbringing of the child or children by making a series of promises. The other guests may have been chosen as supporting adults and they will then also have the opportunity to make their own promises of love and friendship to the child and its parents.

You may choose readings, either poetry or prose, or ask your guests to select something especially relevant to express their wishes for the child or children. You may prefer to write your own welcome to your child. Your celebrant will help you plan the ceremony to include friends, grandparents and absent guests. There will be opportunities for music and reflection.

The ceremony will close with the presentation of a record of the ceremony. The parents will be presented with the record of the Naming Ceremony signed during the ceremony and the supporting adults will receive a printed copy of the certificate as a memento of this happy occasion.

You will then be free to begin your own celebrations-perhaps wine or champagne and nibbles, or afternoon tea and a celebration cake.

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