Planning a Ceremony

Choose the date

Arrange the newspaper announcement. Decide on what sort of wedding you want: church, registry office or our very own ceremony which can be arranged here at the Langdale Chase, formal or informal, large or small.

As soon as the date is decided…

Fix the date and time with the church, registry office or ourselves. Book the reception date, time and size. Book transport to the church/ hotel. Book photographer, video camera. Choose the Best Man, Bridesmaids, Attendants and Ushers. Make arrangements for your Honeymoon.

During the next few weeks

Decide on numbers for the reception and draw up a guest list. Order the wedding stationery: invitations, order of service and place cards. Begin planning your wedding outfits. Choose accessories for the Bride, Groom and Bridesmaids. Order the cake. Discuss details of the reception with the Hotel. Make arrangements with the Hotel for guests who need accommodation.

Eight weeks before the wedding

Order bouquets for the Bride and Bridesmaids, button holes for the Groom and Groomsmen and flowers for the church and reception. Discuss details of menus and drinks for the Reception. Shop for going-away outfits. Arrange hire of morning suits if necessary. Buy wedding rings. Send out invitations. Book hair appointments for the Wedding day. Make wedding present list.

Four weeks before the wedding

Confirm the details with the Hotel, photographer, car hire, florist. Check that all outfits are complete and have a dress rehearsal. Choose gifts for attendants. Also consider the following:

Music, poetry and readings will enhance your ceremony, do take time to select the pieces that have real meaning for you both.
Similarly, consider carefully the items you may want to give to each other during the ceremony and make sure they are small enough to be practical, alternatively state at this part of the ceremony the gift you are giving. Consider if you want photography or a video of the ceremony and talk to the Celebrant beforehand about this.

Don’t forget, we are just a phone call or e-mail away if you need help or advice.